JULY 2003
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It is with a sad note I must start my report this month in reporting the death, on the 3rd, of Mrs Dinah France-Hayhurst our landlady owner of the Bostock Estate after a brave battle against cancer.

Dinah Frances-HayhurstDinah was well known in the community taking interest in the life of the estate and was well known for her support for the Cheshire Hunt.

This picture was taken at last year’s Cheshire Show when she visited us at the stand along with her partner Geoff.

The month started with haymaking and we have finished and baled our hay.

Rainfall for July 2003After we had finished the next two weeks saw a heat wave yet the last week gave us a rainfall total of 71mm. More on the weather page.

Shaun chopping thistlesThe floods over the past few years have given us a weed problem and so besides spraying we have been chopping out the sow thistles.

Shaun our latest works experience is pictured here ready for action.

Simmental calf slobs outWe have had 4 calves born this month 2 black and white bulls, one black and white heifer one Simmental heifer all doing fine .

The Simmental as you see is really “chilling out” in the afternoon sun (No it's not dead, Honestly).

The Oat crop has now turned yellow and Oats 2003hopefully will be ready to combine around the end of August.

Second cut silage will be soon and we also have yet another work experience victim in Natalie who has requested via the website.

Dorothy and I will be outside Tesco at Didsbury on the 2nd of August together with Johnny Ball and the NFU road show.

August bank holiday will see the country fayre at our friends Margaret and Mick Heath’s Heaton house farm. A recommendation for all, see our previous reports.

August 8th will see Paul and Andy’s Mum and Dad’s Golden wedding anniversary…..Congratulations (Especially putting up with Paul and Andrew for most of that time:-)

Birthdays for Simon and Sarah and later in the month important exam results for Hannah, Lucy and Simon (GCSE) and James (A level) good luck.

Now and then this month is comparing haymaking techniques and the nature report is showing a dangerous nest!

See you next month Phil



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