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August rainfallAugust has been VERY dry with only 12mm of rain during the entire month.

It has also seen the hottest day of the year see our weather page for more.



The dry weather has seen excellent conditions for harvesting.

Alan combining our oatsAlan has Combined our oat crop and we have baled and stacked the straw.

For a few details of the combine click here

Oats were harvested differently in 1940 as you can see on the then and now section.




Natalie with power washerNatalie with electric fenceMeet Natalie who has spent several days of each week during the holidays learning about cattle as she hopes to become a vet.

Here she is power-washer in hand in the milking parlour and again moving the electric fence. She says she has actually enjoyed her time with us…..even the mucking out.

The dry weather has seen grass “disappear” and the cows are currently grazing some that was destined for silage.

However cutting 2 weeks later than planned has seen a full clamp and at time of writing I am planning to “Big Bale” 2 hectares at Norcroft in early September. More about this next month.

A Pitchfork (Pikle)During last month’s then and now I touched on the humble pitchfork without any pictures, click here to see a short report.

Congratulations to James (A levels) and Simon, Hannah and Lucy with their GCSE success. James is now off to Lincoln University while the others are all continuing at Holmes Chapel school starting their A levels.

Wasps eating a rotting pearThis months nature report is looking at our ripening fruit plus more wasps….I’m sure our camera men won’t be satisfied until they get themselves stung.



See you next month PHIL.



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