August 2003
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Pears on treeThe dry weather has meant that fruit has ripened quite early as this picture of the pear tree by the cubical shed shows.

Apple and blackberry "tree"While on the subject of fruit Paul took this picture (left) of a briar that has grown into a small apple tree in the garden.

As both fruit are now ripe we are claiming a “Blackberry and apple tree” ideal for pies.

Wasps eating rotten pearThe wasp population have been busy eating the ripe pears as this picture shows.

Last month we showed a picture of a wasp nest in one of the trees along the cattle drive

This one was built into the ground, a reasonably safe place you may think.

After all who would want to disturb a nest full of these nasty tempered insects?

The answer, or at least one, is the Badger.

Wasps rebuilding nest Badgers eat wasp nests and this picture is of a nest that has suffered a Badger attack.

As you can see they are trying to rebuild it.

4 days later however the Badger had returned and finished its meal.

Many insects live in the oat crop and are disturbed during harvest.

ladybird and caterpillarThis shows a green caterpillar and ladybird we found in the grain as we were putting it into the grain store. See July 2000 report to learn more.

We tip the grain into an old tin bath before the auger takes it into the store the bath lies by the fence for the rest of the year.

67 Snails - Query new food export businessWhen we got it out in preparation for the combine we found it home to all these snails

A quick count gave a total of 67.

They were carefully removed and now the bath is back in its place they may well be back there (I have not checked).

Our next picture was taken by Andy of one of our buzzard's

These are the biggest bird of prey that we have at Greenheyes



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