As we showed in the report we have some calves.

These 2 were heifer calves in around 1948 and they are shorthorn breed the same as the black calf we have today.

This picture shows Fabien mowing with a 3m mower and in comparison the 1.25m horse drawn mower of 1940.

It must have been hard work for both man and horse making hay in the hot sun.

Many of the most modern tractors have air-conditioning although ours don't.

This is a fully loaded silage trailer of Richardsons tipping in the clamp it will weigh around 15 tonnes loaded.

This load of loose hay from around 1940 would probably weigh about ¾ tonne.

Silage took over from hay in the UK in the 1970's and people just make a small amount these days for the young calves.