Until 1969 there were 2 ponds at Greenheyes the key field pond we have improved with a countryside stewardship grant.

However in 1969 the larger pond which was on the orchard (a traditional duck pond) was filled in.

At the time they were paid a agricultural grant scheme grant to fill it in and gain more land.

Funny how things have changed.

This photo (left) shows ducks on the pond and some mallard taken last week by webby.

Moorhens nested on the key field and orchard ponds as these photos show again one from last year and one from about 1940.

Fertilizer was sown in 1940 using this land driven machine sowing about 2.5m at once.

Our current "vicon" machine (right) spreads the fertilizer over about 12m at once.

More next month when we shall be comparing some of the Hay/silage machinery showing some of the biggest differences so far.
See you next month PHIL.