This is a new section that we are developing for the site. We hope to be able to show how farming has changed over the years.

As I mentioned in our April report Simon has been rolling he uses our heavy roller which when filled with water weighs about 4 tonnes.



This picture is of Mr Carter's heavy roller about ¼ the weight.






Milking has always been the main enterprise at Greenheyes and this picture ( probably posed outside as it was too dark to film inside the buildings) would be how the cows were milked.



As can be seen today, the milking process is almost completely automatic with multiple cows being milked together.



As I have also mentioned our cows went outside this month and this picture was probably taken when Mr Carter's cows had just been let out.

As you may notice these cows all have horns as de-horning was not common then.

After a day in the field the cows were brought in for milking herded in by the farm's cowdog. Just like our own Molly.