This is a new section that we are developing for the site. We hope to be able to show how farming has changed over the years.

In this first series we will be looking at farming in the 1940's and comparing it to today.

We will start with a topical subject for the season


Here is Chris pictured on the 21st of March 2003 ploughing the drive field with his 150 horsepower tractor and five furrow reversible plough ready for sowing oats.

This picture is taken from our old video of George ploughing in about 1940 as you can see from the trees at the edge of the picture in nearly the same spot in the field.

Chris ploughed the 2ha in about 2 hours George would take 5 days

Chris's tractor and power-harrow/drill combination will sow and prepare the ploughing in one operation.





George firstly prepared the ploughing with this harrow.







The seed was then sown using the seed drill shown here.







The interesting thing to notice is that the "coulters" which put the seed in the soil are still a similar shape.

Chris sowed the field in about three hours, George taking three days two harrowing and one sowing.

The end result however the same, a field of oats.

Interesting to see the difference over 60 years.

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