MAY 2004
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Rainfall chartAlthough we have had 47mm of rain this nearly all came in 2 heavy downpours

Leaving the month otherwise dry.

My old saying from last month seems to be true as the grazing grass is disappearing fast and as silage - every bit helpswe have silaged (left :-) we are hoping for some rain.

We cut about 16 hectares for first cut and Richardsons with their new forage harvester. cleared it in 4 hours in dry conditions.

We have harvested earlier this year and the crop should make good feed next winter.

The morning after one evening’s downpour (20mm in about 1 ½ hours) we had a visit from Sarah the Government dairy inspector.

Everywhere flooded around the yards as the drains had been overloaded.

She was not best pleased and insists the drain is fixed here we are with the hole to locate the drain and we are connecting the overloaded one to a higher capacity one by putting in this inspection chamber.

Simon and I dug the hole and the estate fitted the chamber.
Problem 1 fixed.

Problem 2 however is going to be a bit more tricky as she wanted some holes (made by the cows) fixed in the parlour ceiling.

Being busy I asked the estate and John our clerk of works has informed me after testing the material making the ceiling lining that it is ASBESTOS this will have to be removed by a specialist firm of contractors and we will not be allowed in to the parlour for the time it will take them to clear it.

This could take 3 days and we will have to hire a portable milking parlour called a bail to milk with. This summer is going to be interesting to say the least ?

Simon with mini-diggerAlso this month we have put the shipping container/new wood store in place this has been put on some brick rubble as a base the topsoil was first removed by Simon using this mini-digger.

Cutting container doorWe have also fitted a rear door to the container shown here as we cut out the doorway. We’ll paint it next month ready for its new job.

The nature report is showing an accidental captive and by the time you read this we will be at the Cheshire show.

Don’t be shy come and say hello I’ll be on the NFU countryside stand for both days while Dorothy, Margot Paul and Andy will be in the Cheshire Education “Schools Out” marquee with the website.

See you next month Phil


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