May 2004
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A little annoyed little owlWe try to trap rather than poison pests here at Greenheyes and this was an unexpected visitor in a cage trap, a little owl (looking rather annoyed I think). (Webby's note - by the term little owl phil does not mean that it is a small young owl but it is a species of owl known as little owl for the obvious reason of their small size).

I released it straight after the photo was taken it flew straight away but two nights later their calls kept Simon awake, revenge I wonder?

The pond has been getting covered with floating grass so I have been clearing it with a Chrome which is like a large fork with curved prongs.

I have removed about ¾ of the grass allowing more light into the water.

I also saw plenty of adult newts showing there must now be some spawn in the pond. We are planning a dipping platform for visitors and Simon has been asked to take some samples to school for year 7 biology.

More next month including the Mallard duck who we have found nesting next to the dirty water tank. PHIL.

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