April 2001
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Blackthorn in flowerThe wet weather has meant that plants have been slower growing this year than last but the hedges are now in full leaf and the Blackthorn is now in flower.

The mistle thrush we saw building her nest last month with 4 eggs now has 3 chicks (one didn't hatch) and as you can see by the pictures they have grown very fast.

Four eggs
The first to hatch
Two mor hatch. The fourth never hatches
The photographs where taken over a period of several days, and shows the first few days in the development of the chicks.

Besides the thrush we also have

Blackbird Nest
A Blackbird in our bale elevator in the implement shed.
Great Tit nest site
Great Tits and Blue Tits in holes in the apple trees.
Squatinng Wrens
A Wren in the garage above the car in a old House Martin's nest.
Robins Nest with onsuit loo.
A Robin nesting in the door post of the outside toilet.

As you can see our bird population are very busy.

Moorhens NestAll the eggs have gone taken by animal or birdOn a sadder note this is a picture of a Moorhen's nest by the pond she had 6 eggs. The nest however has been raided (not by man) and the moorhen has abandoned it.

Along the cattle drive Celendines can be seen with their yellow flowers and there are still some Catkins in the hedgerows.

The mild winter has also meant a population explosion for our rabbits and now the cows are out and we are regularly going down the fields the dogs are having a great time chasing them (I haven't seen them catch one yet though).

More next month PHIL


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