May 2001
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As you may have followed over the last 18 months we have been hedge planting along the cow drive and this month you could really tell for the first 100m as the Hawthorn blossom made the hedge white either side and the scent was quite something.
Early in the month the bluebells were out giving the gully a blue carpet and the ash trees (the last to leaf after the Winter) are now green again.

Our mistle thrush chicks fledged on the second of May and here is one in the garden at the front of the Farmhouse literally an hour or two after leaving the safety of the nest.

However that photo was taken at approx 2pm at 3.30pm I went to the implement shed to collect a machine and found these feathers (left) All that remained of one chick. The sparrow hawk also has chicks to feed and one of our chicks had fallen prey. The other two however have seen June appear and are now independent of their parents.

This month we are asking for your help. I only have a limited knowledge of insects and Paul has taken these pictures.

We would like them identifying if possible please, if you can click here to e-mail me.

Finally this picture is of our manure pile. Would you want to live right next to it? This Pied Wagtail does and they have nested in the tyres and raised 3 chicks. You see Wagtails eat insects and there are plenty on the manure making this part of our farm a prime-nesting site.

Summer report next month PHIL.

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