MAY 2001
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I started May ploughing the side of the drive field nearest the farm and it has been sown with Oats.
Leaking radiator?
Sowing the Oats???
The light roller

These pictures (above) show me ploughing in the water in the hollow, Graham sowing them (on the 9th, which is the latest we have ever sown cereals at Greenheyes. The previous latest was 5-5-99).

This was done with his "combi-drill" (which prepares and sows the seed in one operation on the ploughing) and finally me rolling the ground with the light roller.

The oats now have 4 leaves and are growing well.
The CultivatorGrass seedIf you follow these reports you will remember we ploughed the other side last autumn but did nothing more due to the weather.

I hoped that the cultivator pictured here could loosen the ground enough to sow this however this was not to be, so this was re-ploughed and sown with grass with an oat "cover".

The Dutch Harrow
The Dutch Harrow
The Cambridge Roller
The Cambridge Roller
Sowing grass seed
Sowing the grass seed


Finally take a look at this months Nature Report

See you next month Phil


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