December 2003
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This month we are taking a look at a frosty day at Greenheyes as pictured by Sarah and Dorothy.

Firstly the front of the house and the silver birch tree, next is the spider’s web on the flower urn by the door. Beautiful but deadly - if you're a fly.

From that spot in the garden we can look across the drive field and see the grey sky and a white field.



Sarah then took over and went down the cow drive and down to the pond.






As we can see the pond was frozen over. Here I must stress NEVER go out on the ice of such ponds as it can break very easily with disastrous results.

The pond’s waterside plants were particularly covered with the frost due to the water vapour from the pond just before it froze.

At this point Sarah retreated back to the warmth of the farmhouse as the river meadows would be at least 3c colder.

Finally, do you recognise this frosty painting?

For a clue, Look at the background

You got it, It's a painting of the background image used on our December pages.

See you next month PHIL.

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