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Monthly rainfall to December 2003The “Drought” is now over and we have had 96mm of rain this month. Click here for more on the weather together with a calculation known as a "T" sum, which is supposed to help us decide when to apply our fertilizer in the spring.

We aim to see how close it will come.

We have had 3 calves born this month 1 Angus bull one Limousin heifer and one Belgian Blue heifer. All doing well

Yet another set of breakdowns this month with both scraper and straw chopper tractors needing repairs.

The scraper tractor needed big end bearings. These are located on the bottom of the engine and Paul and I (mostly Paul) replaced them.

These pictures show the bottom of the engine in need of repair and also the diference between a bad (left) and a good (right) big end bearing

It is now back to duty but I suspect its number 2 piston needs new rings as there is no compression. Sorry to seem so technical.

This month saw some hedge cutting this year by Mervyn who works for our neighbours Richard and Rosemary here he is in action and here am I doing some wood cutting with our circular saw in return.

In 1940 however hedges were cut by hand click here for the comparison.

The 30th saw the coldest night at minus 4.4c. The next day Dorothy and Sarah were out with Dorothy’s birthday present a new camera and the nature report this month is showing more of a frozen Greenheyes.

For a quick view of our New Years eve antics see our Family life page

Our view of a farming year in the 1940s will soon have completed its 12 months and we will be jumping 30 years to 1970. Also we are currently testing “Cowcam” and we hope to give you live pictures straight from the cubical shed soon.

Finally as we enter our fifth year of I would like to thank all of you who view this site for your continuing support.

Thanks once again from all of us see you next month PHIL

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