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Rainfall graphThe month has again been quite dry with only 41mm of rain falling (click here for the weather report).

So this month has seen me clear the yard of muck again.

However not without problems as we spent some time broken down, click here to learn more about the spreader repairs, and click here to see muck spreading 1940 style.

On the first we held the first of our two bonfires as mentioned last month these were as usual a success and on the first it didn't rain until about 15 minutes after we departed into the house.

The second went equally well with no rain at all. However Sarah managed to put her hand through the glass pane in the front door during the afternoon’s preparations causing herself 12 stitches worth of damage to here forearm. A lesson to us all to BE CAREFUL.

The dry month has seen the cows still outside in the daytime and here are some by the trough enjoying the afternoon sun (seems strange to say this in November).

Feeding the cow with silageThey are however in at night and here I am putting the silage into the feed passage for them.

We have had 4 calves born this month 1 Simmental heifer one Angus Mum shows off new arrivalbull and two black and white heifers.

This one pictured here with its mother known here as “Negative 7” she is featured calving in our April 2001 report also.

Neospora is a cattle disease that can cause the cows to abort their calves.

This can cause all sorts of problems for both cow and farmer alike.

Molly gives bloodLiverpool veterinary collage in conjunction with Ministry have been sampling the milk on volunteer farms for the last two years and now this is coming to an end they are now testing other possible carriers on the farm i.e. the farm dogs.

Here are Molly and Smidge being blood sampled. As the milk tests have been negative I imagine they will also be.

Thanks to Sarah and Cathy pictured here for all their hard work.

Finally click on the link for this months nature report.

See you next month PHIL

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