November 2004

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Comparison of monthly rainfall

Yearly rainfall as at 30 November 2003

Temperature wise it has been reasonably mild with us seeing up to 15.4c on the 4th with the 17th still managing 14.8c.

There has been little frost the coldest night was on the 24th with a low of minus 1.1c we have actually only been below zero twice in the month.

Daily Maximum / Minimum temperatures for November 2003
in degrees Centigrade (Celsius)

However as the charts show, it is beginning to cool and the last two daytime temperature readings have not reached double figures partly due to morning fog which seems to last until noon.

Average Monthly Temperature for 2003

Why not start your own weather station up either at school or home and compare your results to ours. we would be interested to see them.

More next month PHIL.


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