December 2004

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74 millimeters of rain for December closes 2004's rainfall with our second wettest December since we started records.

Comparison of Monthly Rainfall

This meant that the race for the title of the wettest year on record went right up to the wire.

Comparison of Annual Rainfall

And the winner and still the wettest year is 2002 with 900mm of rain, 2004 came a very close second with 896mm of rain, 2001 takes third place with 708mm of rain.

2003 holds onto its title of the driest with just 667 mm of rain.

Our last graph shows the average monthly rainfall for the 4 years that we have been collecting data.

Average Monthly Rainfall from JAN 2001 to DEC 2004

A little surprisingly it shows that March is our driest month, rather than one of the summer months.

Finally I must apologise for the lack of our temperature graphs, you will have to wait for the temperature results as Phil has misplaced the data set for December, He assures me he has it somewhere.


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