February 2003
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The colder weather during the first and second weeks meant that plants didn't start growing but the warmer weather has seen a quick rush during the last week and we can now see: catkins, snowdrops and a few daffodils.

Our bird population seem to sense that spring is not so far away and the Wagtails are marking out their slurry store territory.

While our bird population is show increased activity there are signs that our animal friends are becoming more active - Any guesses as to what may have made these tiny "hand", prints (actually they are footprints. For scale the coin is a UK ten pence piece) Another set of footprints for you to try your knowledge upon are these.

As you can see from the 10 pence thay are much bigger than the first set and the imprints of claws are also visible in this set. A preditor and its prey?


Finally what do you make of these?

The circle is the same ten pence coin shown in the other photographs

Answer next month.


Well that's it for now sorry it's a bit short this month hopefully there will be more next time.

See you next month PHIL


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