March 2003
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While picturing Chris with his plough I spotted this stone in the way at the side of the field.

Turning it over you can see some of the occupants and their tracks.

Three earthworms and one small beetle. Not bad considering during the second half of March it has frozen nearly every morning.

Paul spends a great deal of time trying to get a good picture of the Robin that lives in the garden and whenever he has camera in hand it disappears.

So here is the second Robin in hand picture we took when he visited us in the house the other morning.

Paul has managed some pictures (only because the hedge couldn't move fast enough :-) and here are some of the hedge leaves which are just beginning to grow.

The early morning frosts are making them rather slow to appear.


One sunny afternoon he has also caught this butterfly out from its hibernation (bet he woke it up!!!) taking the warm afternoon sun.

Early next month we will be attending an international conference organized by the life ecconet organization.

Further reports next month see you then PHIL.

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