MARCH 2003
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March has also been dry with only 28mm of rain(co-incidentally the same as last March).

The dry weather has meant that we have spread all the muck rolled all the silage fields and the last year's maize stubble has now been ploughed and sown with oats with grass.

This will mean that when they are combined in the autumn we will then have a grass field again.

This picture shows Chris ploughing and a picture of his harrow/seed drill machine.

Click here to see a more in depth picture of the ploughing and sowing, together with comparison pictures of 60 years ago (right) doing the same job on the same field. We hope to expand on our new Greenheyes past section as the year continues.

There have been 3 calves born this month 2 Limousin bulls and 1 Simmental heifer.

Last month I reported we had won the farming ambassador award for the Northwest NFU region, well I am very proud (and still shocked) to report we have won the national title and I am now Farming Ambassador of the Year 2003. Click here to see more.

The modifications to the collecting yard are continuing with the help of Daniel who did the work experience and who is now doing a motivational placement with us.

These pictures show me making a gate from the old stallwork and cutting it out with the angle grinder (please note the eye protection).

The gatepost is made from part of the chasis of the old muckspreader (good re-cycling I think)

Finally (what a busy month) click here for a nature report with me getting another close up of the Robin which Paul just cannot photograph.

See you next month PHIL.


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