February 2005
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As you may recall from the main report we have been working on various aspects of the nature trail in order to make it safe for our younger visitors.

We have started to construct a platform by the pond that will facilitate pond dipping and other activities of that nature.

The first picture shows us in the process of laying some hard core foundation for the path.


In our second picture you can see the access gate being put into position, the fence posts for the safety fencing can bee seen laying on the ground.

By the time of our next report we hope to have the platform base in position.

We have also been putting up fencing along the gully.

This will form a border between The Gully and the field known as the Humpetyback.

This will provide an extended habitat for the indigenous wild flora and fauna of the gully area to develop.

As spring approaches the hedgerows and trees are starting to return to a pleasant green as new buds shoots and leaves start to grow.





Above are just a few of the many newly budding trees. Why don't you see how many you can find in the area where you live.

Well that's it for now,

see you next month Phil


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