July 2001
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This month we were hoping to show some pictures of the Buzzard with its 2 young in flight and also a great picture of the sparrow hawk with her 3 fledglings. However Andrew our web boffin took them with a conventional camera and the film didn't come out (or so he says).

I believe a digital camera is now top of his Christmas list. (Is that an offer Phil???)

Field marginMayweedAnyway so much for disappointments, this picture is of our "Field Margin" alongside the Oat crop.Many farmers leave these strips to encourage the wildlife. These white flowers are Mayweed great for butterflies such as this but if we didn't spray the rest a real problem for Alan and his combine.

Young PartridgeAlso pictured here is a young partridge so as you see it is worth leaving such places.




Here are some pictures of the insects that Paul found when studying the strip as you can see their camouflage makes them really hard to see.

Creepy  Crawlie 01
bug 02
bug 03

Sorry this month is so brief better luck for August. PHIL.


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