March 2001
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March sees the hedges begin to show buds for new leaves and the hazel catkins appear. Also flowers such as celendines appear.

In our garden a Mistle Thrush is building its nest in the creepers along the piggery wall. (Roll your mouse over the nest to see inside)


On the subject of nests, Here is a picture of a magpie's nest which they have repaired ready for the new season.

Looking out of the kitchen window you can see Blue and Great tits Robins (right) and Chaffinches all in full song.

Milder days also bring out gnats hovering in clouds in the spring sunshine.


Along the hedgerows nettles (left) are reappearing as are sow thistles and docks on our river meadows after the winter's floods (weeds seem to grow whatever the conditions. A sign of fertile land my father used to say).

As the next two months go on I will try to add a little more to this as the season progresses.

More next month PHIL

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