October 2004
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This month I have to confess that we have, for various reasons only a short nature report.

Our first picture shows what is left of a wood pigeon that appears to have fallen foul to one of the birds of prey to be found at Greenheyes.

These include the likes of kestrels, sparrow hawks, buzzards and we have even seen the odd peregrine falcon.

Our friend to the right is a Harris Hawk. The Harris Hawk is not a native UK bird of prey. There original habitat is to be found from southern North America down throughout much of South America.

This one was brought to Greenheyes by a falconer friend in order to give her a little exercise with our rabbits.

If you are thinking of taking up falconry I am informed that the Harris Hawk is a good beginners bird, being intelligent and relatively easy to handle and train.

Although not a bird of prey this "Giant :-) " Collard Dove looks as though it it could do some serious damage to the aircraft that it is eyeing up.

Like several of its relations in the pigeon family the Collard Dove is regarded a pest in the UK (with the exception of Northern Ireland), and is frequently hunted.

Our last bird picture shows a flock of geese heading for sunnier climes.

As we are on the approach to the international airport at Manchester, large high flying flocks of birds like these can, unlike our Collard Dove above, pose a serious threat to unwary aircraft (it's not to healthy for the birds either).

Finally for this month we were out late one evening on the 31st when we came across a candle brain pumpkin laying in ambush. as you can see from the teeth it is a fearsome predator and should not be approached:-)




See you next month PHIL

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