STOP No. 5.
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THEME: The Left Hand Meadow.

The Left Hand MeadowButtercupThe Left Hand Meadow is the mainstay grazing field on the farm during the spring and summer months.

It is on our river boundary and covers an area of 4.36 h.a

Willow trees along the river bankMost of the river bank is made up of willow trees and in some places it is almost impenetrable.

During the winter months it is regulary flooded by up to 3 meters of water.

The cattle seem to prefer this field, we think due to its sheltered position with steep banks to the sides and the riverside trees.

ThistleButtercupAs we look across the meadow we can see the wild flowers such as white clover and buttercups that grow here and the ever-present thistle plants, all these are encouraged by the regular flooding.

Water logged fieldThe channel in the field is for drainage and you can see here where the river once flowed.



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