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It has taken time to sit down to write this report as on the 1st after a battle against cancer we lost my Mother and it has taken a while for me to get back in this chair.

Mum was born on 1st February 1928 in a little village called Fourcrosses on the Lleyn peninsular of North Wales and the family moved to England when she was eight.

This made her a true bi-lingual as she only spoke Welsh until then. They settled in Middlewich just before the outbreak of WW2 and the rest you can see from our family tree page.

In Memory

R.I.P Mum we all will miss you.


Monthly rainfall graphBack to the farming and October has been quite wet with 104mm of rain and also our first minus temperature figures.

The wet weather has also stopped us from harvesting the maize but it has meant that the cows are now inside day (29th) and night (17th).

Cleaning up the muckAt first we were feeding some of the big bales to the cows on the yard outside this did lead to some waste as you can see me clearing it up with the loader.

This is piled near to our nearly full slurry store and I hope it dries up soon to allow some spreading.

While we have been stopped from field work we have been preparing for the bonfire night to be held this year on the 6th in conjunction with the Middlewich Young Farmers club so we are expecting around 120 people if the weather improves.

Hardstanding taking shapeAs the hardstanding is now beginning to take shape I have been mucking out the lean-to next to Polo’s box as shelter should the weather carry on as it is.

Also this may be needed next month as we have our first visitors in the form of 2 coaches of students from Manchester University who are wanting to study the interaction of the farming and the environment.

This has also meant a big clear up on the farmyard moving all the various tyres and scrap which lived near our workshop, I have promised faithfully they are never to return.

We have had 3 calves this month 2 Angus females and One Black and white male.

Hoping for drier weather

See you next month PHIL.

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