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Rainfall GraphDecember has been a dry month again with only 61mm of rain this means 2005 as a whole has been quite a dry year. Click here for the weather page

Webby I’m sure will give you the full facts and he can do as he now has data from the weather station available giving temperature etc for 7 months to play with.

We have had 2 calves born this month both black and white males however both were problem births.

The first calf was born backwards (Breech) and was a still birth, that is to say it died before it was born. The second was also breech and because of complications caused by this it only survived for 24 hours.

As I remind myself where you have livestock you also have deadstock.

A blot on the landscapeThe second half of the month was dry and then frosty, so the spreader has been in action.

We now have the drive field spread and ¾ of the long field. (Webby - a lovely crisp white frosty morning and what's he do? talk about a blot on the landscape)

Last month I mentioned we are getting on with the new shed and here it is being roofed the next move will be some side and end sheeting before we put up some more steelwork.

Simons first attempt at hedgelayingSimon has been trying his hand at hedge laying while at collage and here is his first attempt.

Quite a good job by the looks of it. I now have plans for him to do some serious laying back at home.

Just before Christmas the scraper tractor’s half shaft bearing collapsed and needed replacing.

This is quite a heavy job as the section containing the shaft weighs in at around 100kgs.

Broken half-shaft bearingWe located a second hand section instead of stripping down the broken one. Here is a closeup of the removed bearing.

If you look carefully at the bottom of those cogs you can just see broken pieces of bearing these had jammed the wheel.

This picture shows the replacement (yellow) in place with the old one (red) shown in the inset. Different colour same part.

Christmas is now over and Simon is returning to collage and exams, as are Sarah and Becky with their A/S levels.

Stop press we now have a similar problem to tackle on the Ford 4000 tractor at Norcroft.

Finally don't forget to check up on our nature report

Happy new year PHIL.

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