JUNE 2005
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Monthly rainfall graphAlthough we had 57mm of rain June was basically dry as most of this came during thunderstorms.

We also experienced some high temperatures. More on the weather page.

We had 2 calves in June both Angus bulls doing well.

Early in the month we have done first cut silage and now we are hoping for it to rain allowing the grass to grow again.

James and Graham on our stand at the Cheshire ShowAs any regulars know we are very involved with the NFU stand at the Cheshire show as well as the Greenheyes stand in the education marquee and this year Webby’s son James was allowed to attend providing he wrote a report for his class on the subject.

Therefore its over to James for the full report.

Drilling post holesSetting up on the Monday needed more help as this year we had a cow and calf, pigs and sheep to make pens for.

It was VERY hot in the marquee but our old friend Barry Edwards was on hand to make light work of the post holes (left).


After the Cheshire ShowThis picture was taken on the Thursday when Simon and I were taking the pens away and shows the “remains” of the past two days.

We always have an incubator hatching chicks for the show and at the end this year we brought home some of the chicks and ducklings.

Duckling from Cheshire Show Here they are on the lawn in the pen we made for them.

This month has seen us welcoming visitors on the farm click here for our new visitor section.

Visit to Bollin Primary School



Besides this we have also attended the summer fair at Bollin primary school here I am with the ducks and chicks.

If you are a school within a 35 mile distance from us and might like a visit contact us through the visit page. Bollin have already booked us for next year!!

Graham the assurance assessorAnother visitor this month was Graham pictured here for the annual farm assurance visit as we are currently a building site in some parts and were halfway through the spring clean he is coming back next month “just to check” all has been done.

All good fun a real sense of humor well done Graham.

Simon and Sarah exams finished, have both finished school (Simon forever!!) here is Sarah’s form teacher Rodger with a big smile on his face together with some of her celebrating friends.

Holmes Chapel high school 6th form biology are due next month for a field trip so more to follow.

Webby has been out and about again camera in hand for the nature report. Click here for the nature report.

See you next month Phil


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