MARCH 2006
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78mm of wet made March the wettest month so far this year however I use the word wet rather than rain because some of it fell as snow.

Here I am ready for work in it.

On a more serious note however rainfall was required after the dry January and February.

At this point I am just hoping for it to dry up and warm up in April for spring work and turnout.

The month is ending warmer and here is Smidge taking in the spring sunshine.

Josh and I have concreted around the steelwork of the shed as this picture shows.

Only one more section to go up now.

We have had one calf this month an Angus bull, growing well and should sell well at market early next month.

Also this month has seen our first meeting of the NFU public relations committee in preparation for the Cheshire show and we are aiming for little change on last year’s format however we are holding a contingency plan should there be any poultry movement restrictions due to Avian Flu.

Mike Bailey our national poultry committee member has also come up with this chicken suit for someone to wear.

Straws are currently being drawn as everyone suddenly knows they will be busy come show day.

This picture is of Mike’s wife Karol at their last year’s farm open day modelling the suit.

Next month will see the cows back in the fields the swallows returning and yet more work on our building project besides spring fieldwork.

Finally don't foget to check out our nature page

See you soon PHIL.


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