MAY 2007
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Greenheyes rainfallI asked for rain at the end of April and we certainly got some.

93 mm and mostly during the first week (80mm approx) then it dried.

We have cleared out the silage clamp ready to start silaging and cleaned out some of our heifer’s winter accommodation.

Awaiting PhotographThis group had tried their hand at plumbing and the mess was unreal.

This picture was taken the morning after they had disconnected it sometime during the night so some quick electric fencing on the orchard and out they went.

Tom and Mark’s fencing keeping them from ruining our picnic area.

Servicing MowerBoth our silage trailers were checked over by Peter’s watchful eye after all he is the qualified mechanic amongst us.

This photograph shows him servicing our mower ready for cutting the silage.

We have purchased a van, which is proving useful in moving the tools between farms.

Our new building now has its doors fitted and it was on with the clean up remember we have been cutting blocks and the concrete itself also carries some dust.

Thanks to a Blackstack chimney vac, our local chimney sweep’s industrial vacuum cleaner, I was soon ready to start painting the floor this will seal and protect the surface.

You may have heard of the saying “painting the town red” well this is painting the floor red. One of the biggest problems was keeping Molly and Smidge from walking on the wet floor.

May has seen the start of the “Road show season” and our first was at the Whitegate village fair.

Whitegate roadshowWhen we started the road show (a bit like this web site really) I under estimated the response and it is out at around 12 events over this summer and we are actually turning events away due to the trailer already being booked click here to see the Whitegate report and to find out where else we will be appearing at over the next four months.

The silaging equipment is at the ready and the Cheshire show is just around the corner.

Finally you can find our regular nature page here

See you next month Phil


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