August 2006
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Despite the damp weather there was the occasional dry spell so I took the opportunity for a couple of walks around the fields.

My first victim this month is this Pied Wagtail which was caught unawares sitting on a small pile of rubble from Phil's building work.

Also taken a little by surprise was this little wren.

It flew onto a branch a few feet from where I was standing.

It either did not see me or did not care that I was there.

Normally they are a little shy.

Not at all shy, and going about its feverish business was this bee.

There seems to be higher numbers of them this year, and the himalayan balsam that this one is pictured gathering nectar from seems to be quite popular with them.

A little further on and this heron was spotted in the middle meadow.

Since it was in the middle of a field rather than by the river I think it safe to say it was not looking for fish.

Perhaps frogs were on the menu.

I don't think that fish or frogs are on the minds of this pair of Small (Cabbage) White butterflies.

The caterpillars of these butterflies are a serious pest to crop growers, particularly to members of the cabbage family.


Down along the river Dane, this female mallard attempts to maintain a low profile as she swims for cover.

Her friend adopted a different tactic. she just froze and let herself drift with the current.

It was not a bad option as it was the moving bird that attracted my attention if I had been a predator she would have been the first target.

Looking a little fierce, at least from this angle, is a 'Comma' butterfly.

The smaller image is a view of a 'Comma' from above.


Our last photo this month is a glance into the treetops.

Attracted by the sudden burst of bird song I spotted this group of Goldfinch.

The photograph shows an adult bird and three immature birds.

Bye for now, Andy


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