September 2006
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Well September's here, and with it the trees are starting to take on the autumnal colours.

Despite the time of year, the mild temperatures mean that some plants and animals that you normally expect to see in the spring are still to be found..

Small tortoise shell butterflyComma butterfly





The two photographs above show, on the left Small Tortoise Shell while on the right the photograph shows a Comma.

Wild BasilKnapweedFlowers or weeds, depending on you point of view, are still blooming.

These photographs show Wild Basil on the right and Knapweed on the right.

Both were photographed at the end of the month.

AcornsGrey SquirrelThe oak trees are loaded with acorns which are very attractive to the likes of this grey squirrel.

FungiGrowing in the undergrowth, I spotted this fungi.

I have to hold my had up and admit that I don't know the name of this particular species at the moment, so if you can help let me know please.

(Warning: I am not an expert when it comes to fungi. ALWAYS obtain EXPERT ADVICE before you pick and eat ANY fungi that you may find).

Great TitSparrowWhile four legged wildlife can sometimes be a little reluctant to be photographed there are always two legged forms.

By that I mean the birds. walking back to the farmhouse the Great Tit on the left and the Sparrow on the right, volunteered their services.

The MoonFinally as the day draws to a close and I return to my car to head for home I am treated to a lovely view of Earth's nearest neighbour, the Moon, rising above the horizon.

It may not be on the farm but it is still part of the natural world around us.

Until next month
Bye for now.


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