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September rainfall62mm of rain meant not too wet to work and also still dry for the cows so not too many muddy gateways.

Besides this it has remained warm with temperatures reaching the mid 20’s and night time not getting below 10c.

A quiet month for the cows with no calves born however October sees 2 heifers calving plus some more cows so milk should begin to rise.

The wet grass is flowing through the cows so milking is no different to springtime as far as the muck is concerned.

mick buildingWall building continues at pace and now I have laid the foundation blocks I have handed the building work over to Mick. Mick and I have now been friends for nearly 40 years and here he is in action.

I am relegated to a navvy role mixing cement and passing blocks. Mick has worked in the building trade all his life and says my base work is in the best place……….below ground.

Month end and the walls are nearly finished and we are thinking about putting the floors in.

Thanks Mick I could never have got on so well without you and the job looks far better. Thanks also to Selena (Mick’s partner) for taking the pictures.

Simon has now returned to collage to continue his studies and our works experience Daniel has also returned to us.

Daniel has now started his first year GNVQ qualification at Reaseheath collage and is being taught for some of his subjects by our next door neighbour James so he has no place to hide this term.

wagtailAs the month ends the swallows have departed and Molly has now switched to her winter sport chasing Pied Wagtails  this involves running around the yard looking upwards as they walk along the rooftops and (remember Molly is now eight) running into things such as parked cars.

Watching her it is sometimes hard to believe just what a clever cow dog she really is.

October will see the walls and floors finished (I hope!!) as our deadline is November the 4th …..bonfire night and as last year in conjunction with the Middlewich young farmers club.

Nantwich food festivalLast year saw the beginnings of our roadshow and here we are for the second  year at the Nantwich food festival.  

Also we are appearing at the Northwest fine foods festival at Tatton Park on the 28th and 29th with the last roadshow of the year.

Finally click hear to visit our nature pages.

Should all be fun

See you next month PHIL.

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