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Monthly rainfallLast month saw me reporting the July temperatures and the lack of rainfall this month the water balance swings back with 176mm.

As you can see from the graph on the right, August is becoming quit a wet month for us.

At the time we thought that the 216mm of rain in August of 2004 was very exceptional and it would be a long time before that record was broken. maybe we won't be waiting too long after all?

Flooding in yardThis picture, taken of the farm yard shows the drainage grids being overwhelmed by the volume of water in one of the downpours.

Yet even with this the pond level only began to rise at the very end of the month.

Simon and I have put a fence to restrict people from going too far along the pond side.

Pond fence and levelThis post was about 15cm away from the waters edge as you now see it is surrounded but we have a long way to go to reach normal levels.

This month has seen Andrea our vet student from Cambridge visiting and she was first to spot this injury on a cow.

Wound on cowThis is cow number 27 an ideal sort who is quiet natured and just comes in gives her milk and goes again you hardly know you have her and she also has a trusting nature.

Air gun pellet from cowI don’t use bad language on these pages but in this case I’m sorely tempted!!!

The wound was the result of her being SHOT by an AIRGUN and the pellet was lodged under her skin.

Andrea and I removed it and treated her with an antibiotic spray as all these pictures show and she has made a full recovery.

Wound on cowWound after spraying with antibiotics






Words fail me for the idiots with the airgun.

(Webby’s note: Phil is very hot under the collar about this one and I have to say he has my full support.

Irresponsible air gunnerThe photograph on the right shows a young lad on the opposite bank of the river Dane from Greenheyes, firing an air rifle at a target that he and a friend had set up on their little camp site.

What they failed to realise was that once the pellet had passed through their target it did not just stop but continued to travel downrange. I found this particularly annoying in this instance as James and I were downrange in the line of fire.

Despite my shouting several warnings and making our presence known they continued to fire in our direction. This resulted in me having to make a call the police.

It is this sort of uncaring stupidity that brings shooting into disrepute. At least they were, on this occasion, shooting at an inanimate target and not the wildlife. If you wish to enjoy the sport, then join a recognized club and learn how to be safe. No gun, airgun's included is a toy and there are rules to the ownership and use of them.

For further information on the use of airgun's click on this link to the BASC

Back to Phil)

Liz and Gill At Peover Game FairLast month the roadshow saw us posing with a Ferrari this month we were invited by local NFU secretaries Liz and Gill to attend the Peover Game fair.

Here they are giving out NFU goodies to a satisfied customer.

Mr George Osborne MPYou never know what to expect on these visits and this picture is of shadow chancellor of the exchequer Mr George Osborne MP pictured here with Liz showing his children some of our turkey chicks.

Despite the overcast weather the fair was a success and I’m sure Mr Osborne found it a nice change from the work in Westminster.

Also out with us was Andy and family and he actually got time to walk round and take in all of the sights so click here for his report.

Building progressingThe farm building work continues and we now have walls built over all the foundations however at present they are only about 60cm high.

Only about another 600 blocks to go and then the concrete for the floors to put down.

Next month sees our last roadshow outing at the Nantwich food festival, 29th September to 1st October we are there on the 1st so come and say hello if you are attending.

James and MumBack to school for Sarah and Becky and university for Simon Hannah and Lucy.

Here I must congratulate my little nephew James who has achieved his degree in architecture and is now in work at Macclesfield.

Finally click here for our August Nature Report.

See you next month PHIL ?



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