December 2004
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Not much has been captured on camera this month, at least in terms of wildlife.

The erosion of the banks of the River Dane has continued at a fair pace.

The photograph on the right shows a fallen willow tree which forced the flow of water towards the bank on the right of the photograph.

Now, several months later and looking down stream from the fallen tree it can be seen that the river at this point is almost twice the width that it was prior to the fall.

The height above water of the bank on the left is approximately 8ft to 9ft (more than 2.5 meters)

A little further downstream another area of erosion is steadily removing the soil from around the roots of this willow (left).

The photo on the right shows a close up. eventually as more soil is removed the tree's root system will be unable to support it and it will fall into and across the river.

As I have mentioned upon previous occasions the erosion has revealed various "artifacts" from past times, and december was no exception.






The two pictures above show two examples of many shaped stones eroding out from from bank down by the heifer meadow (left).

Some of the stones show quite distinct "tool" marks. They are confined to a relatively narrow band along the bank and there is no other natural outcrop of similar sized stones to be found ?

While there has not much to see on the wildlife front one surprising observation was this Peacock butterfly.

Given the recent weather it was not an expected sight.


Our last image was taken at some distance through a mirror telephoto, which unfortunately I didn't have properly focused hence the slight circular appearence of the blurred objects.

This rabbit has a mouthful of material which I assume it was going to use for bedding in its burrow.

It was a shame that it was blurred I think it would have made a good photo otherwise

Regards Webby.

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