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Five years on and still writing and when we started this site we aimed to provide a few pages as support to the NFU trailer.

The trailer is sadly defunct as the animal movement restrictions since Foot and Mouth stopped us using it, but the site goes from strength to strength.

Early in the month I attended a Countryside Visitor Accreditation Scheme course (CEVAS for short) and Greenheyes should now be on the way to being an authority approved farm visit.

CEVAS CourseCEVAS Course picture No.2.These two pictures taken by out tutor Robert show us all in action this group from Cheshire farm ice cream and these from Farmer Ted’s.

Besides being informative I was with a great group and some good ideas were exchanged.

Rainfall graph (tumbnail)Mid December saw me upgrade my computer system to Windows XP and unfortunately I have misplaced the temperature data for the month so I can only report that we had 74mm of rain for December. Hopfully I will find my temperature figures and Webby will sort out the chart asap.

Only one calf born this month a black and white bull.

New BoilerNearly 12 months ago I bought a replacement hot water boiler for our dairy and due to circumstance in 2004 we had not got round to fitting it. Finally we have had to as the old one sprung a leak so the new one pictured here is now in place.

As we reported previously the hardstanding is nearly finished and we have started fencing the path on the Humpety Back field for the nature walk.

The strip is approximately 7m wide 6m of which is to be planted with a wild bird seed mixture which due to its situation next to the gully should be of help to our bird population.

These pictures show the fence line plus the gate arrangement which will allow the cows through on to the main field keeping the off the path (I hope)

Septic Tank TankerChristmas eve saw me cleaning out the septic tank at Heyescroft having borrowed Andy Green’s tanker and tractor this picture was taken with my new phone not too bad for the spur of the moment picture.

Boxing day brought us about 5cm of snow allowing Sarah, Becky and Thomas to do some sledging on the banks first time we have had enough snow to do this since December 2000.

2005 is now upon us and I hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Coming for 2005 we are hoping to feature the farm as it was in 1970 and as a start look at the two aerial photos taken

Greenheyes 1970
Greenheyes 1970

Greenheyes today
Greenheyes today

The one on the left shows the farm around 1970 that on the right is as it is now spot the differences.

As you can see we aim to give you a full building tour similar to the current one already featured as the year goes on.

I’m told to dig into our photo archives to dig up some Phil in the 70’s pics I have suggested we also feature Webby but he seems shy on the subject?

Finally don't forget to check up on our nature report

See you next month PHIL.

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