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Rainfall graph. 58mm for Jan 05Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to the first report of 2005. weather-wise January has not been too wet with 58mm of rain falling this has allowed us to clear the slurry store right out and at time of writing we are spreading on a daily basis loading with the ramp.

We have had 2 black and white bull calves this month and in a change from normal of sending them to market we are intending keeping them ourselves.

Fill her up.... Delivery of diesel fuel for the tractorsIts nice to hear from people who look in at the site either from interest or even as school homework and this picture is of the fuel delivery driver from Gforce fuels (one of our salesman Jim Chadwick’s companies) filling us with tractor diesel.

This leads to a hello to Sonia from Gforce’s daughter who has been studying the site as part of her homework or so Sonia told me when I placed the fuel order.

All clear....   Let's goCows can be crafty animals and this picture is of 2 who have taken to opening the milking parlour door in order to get in early actually quite helpful as by the time I get there six cows are usually waiting to be milked.



putting a brick finish to the wallAs we have been putting rubble under the hardstanding I have been saving some of the bricks so we can put a brick finish to the building we started in August 2000 the blocks are fine but this makes the building match the one by it. This is of the wall nearing completion

As we showed last month then and now is looking at 1970 and here is the first page showing cattle housing or cowsheds as they are most commonly known.

Finally our mystery image from the front page.

The question was what was the cause of the spots on the table?

The answer is they are Mosquitoes - want to come for a bite?

For more nature visit our nature page, this month its photograph's are taken by our youngest team member 8yr old James.

That's it for this month regards Phil


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