March 2002
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Frog SpawnAs February ends things always seem to start happening and this picture shows that our frog population is on the increase.

This is "frog spawn" frogs lay eggs in clusters like this and this will develop into "tadpoles" (baby frogs) and then into adult frogs this takes about 3 months. We hope to show some next month.

However try this site if you want to see more of Cheshire County's amphibian's

Thrush NestWild Life????Last year we showed a mistel thrush nesting in the honeysuckle by the piggery wall. This year she is back and she has repaired the nest and at time of writing has 5 eggs pictured here.

Trees are beginning to develop buds and new leaves, this picture (right) of willows by the river Dane shows. Willows begin to grow earlier than trees such as Ash, which will not have leaves until well into April.

Also this month we were visited by Ian and his wife Hilary from the mid Cheshire barn owl trust see their site here

They are planning to put a nest box in one of our trees, however while they were visiting another friend of mine, Terry who is a regular visitor (he takes his dog and gun for a walk) called, and as we all chatted he said that we had a Barn Owl nest last year in a tree on the heifer meadow.

"I spent an hour watching them one day "he said. "I thought you knew they were there"
Talk about a MISSED OPPORTUNITY for this site (will Paul and Andy forgive me) NO...

More next month PHIL

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