February 2002
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An interesting thing about winter is the fact that with hedges and trees bare of leaves (in most cases) you can see things usually hidden from sight.

These remains of a nest are in the newly planted hedge alongside the cow drive and was probably a Goldfinch's. It shows that although the hedge is only 5 years old the birds are using it.

The bare hedgerow on the peacocks field shows this fox earth possibly now occupied by a vixen with young cubs. How do you know it's foxes? I here asked, well one of the signs is in the righthand image, I don't think a description is needed. Another way is by the animals paw prints, unfortunately that photo did not show enough detail to be of use here, maybe next month.

Also this month with the hedges being cut we have taken the opportunity to save some saplings most of these are ash but there are some sycamore.

Remember our squirrels in the nestbox the bark of this ash sapling has been chewed as the squirrels have eaten it.

Spring is now approaching as this picture of hazel catkins (taken on the 26th) shows currently when I finish work at night I can hear the Tawny owls hooting as they look for a mate.

More next month PHIL


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