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Rainfall Feb 2002 - 101mmRecovering timber from downed trees.This month has been wet with 101mm of rain and is the wettest since August last year which gave us 108mm.

Simon and I had put the finishing touches to the fence for the new hedge at the bottom of the Rancho and have been bringing up loads of timber from by the river as shown here (right).

Timber washed away in sudden floodHowever on the 19th we had 25mm rain and the river flooded for the first time this winter. The neat piles of logs were either scattered or washed away.

If you roll your mouse over the image, you will see the logs floating on the flood water.

Chris cutting the hedgeClose up of hedge cutterRichardsons contractors have cut some of the hedges and here is Chris in action.


The photograph on the right shows a close up of the hedge cutting attachment. The teeth like blades (flales) that you can see at the bottom, rotate at high speed, and great care must be taken when using it to avoid damage and injury.

Sapling in hedge We have left some saplings in to grow on the advice of Simon Wood the countryside ranger,

The image on the right shows two that we left. Give them a couple of hundred years and I am sure they wil be a fine sight.

We have had one calf this month an Angus bull this is after 7 weeks without any. Both calf and cow are doing fine. The roto-virus mentioned last month is under control now we have vaccinated.

Also this month we have de-horned two of the heifers we brought in last month from outside normally we do these a around 6 weeks of age but these were 18months old so Michael our vet was called , click here to learn more about de-horning.

I would like to say a big hello to 5 yrs old Sam Walsh, who lives in a farming community in Pembrokeshire on the west coast of Wales. Thank you for your e-mail Sam, I am glad that we could help. Sam has I nice little site which he has made with the help of his mum, you can find it at www.samsfarmsite.co.uk

Well that's just about it for now don't forget to check ot our nature report,

See you next month Phil



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