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January was quite dry until the last 6 days when the rain level went from 23mm-61mm total for the month so now we are "back to square one" and the fields are soggy again. As you can see from the graph we are off to a wet start to the year.

At the start of the month night time temperature was -5.9C but at the end it is 12C some difference!

Late January has also seen some gales and we have suffered some damage with slates being blown from the roofs and the stockyard roof being damaged by a falling roof slate. Also this tree on the orchard has been blown over.

Last month I reported on the search for a missing man, and must report it concluded sadly as his body was found in the river at the bottom of the lefthand meadow.

These pictures show the police underwater search team and the "long reach" digger brought in to help.

As a thank you for allowing access the digger was used to level out a rubble pile we had planned for as a new trailer/silage bale park as you see all we now need to do is fence it and Simon will help me on that project at half-term.

All the heifers that were outside were brought in on the 24th and the eldest are now living in the cubicles with the cows, as some will calve late March. The rest are in the heifer cubicles.

There is a lack of cows calving at present. The cattle breeding service was suspended last year during the height of Foot and Mouth and so it gives me time to clean out and disinfect the calving pens here I am fork in hand.

Greenheyes.com is getting noticed and on the 30th I was presented with an award from the National Farmers Union (NFU) as "Entrepreneur of the Year" for the North West Region at the County annual general meeting. Click here for pictures and details of Cheshire County's other two winners.

February is beginning and the days are lengthening. Today I was told to expect a fertilizer delivery for the first week of the month when I write the next report I hope to be thinking of spreading it. Finally Click here for the nature report

See you next month Phil


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