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November has been quite dry with only 53mm of rain. We only started the rainfall figures last January so far we have had a total of 681mm of rain this year

The drier weather has meant that we could spread more muck and we have nearly spread all that Edwards bobcat cleared out in October.

This has also meant that we can use the loading ramp to put the muck straight into the spreader and here is a picture to show.


This month seems to have been one long spell of cleaning out, feeding and bedding the cattle.

Only 2 calves have been born this month 1 black and white bull and 1 Simmental bull, however there are 8 due for December.

Over the last 2 months Paul, Andrew and myself have been preparing a page showing the milking process and this led me to enquire just where does our milk go to at present.

Our milk is collected by and at present it is going into Cadburys chocolate. Simon is currently studying business studies for his GCSEs and he went there as part of the course he took these pictures unfortunately however he was not allowed to photo inside the factory (and came back 2kg heavier :-).

The cows are now in day and night and there are just 29 heifers still outside we hope to keep them out until after Christmas as this year we will not be having any sheep.

Foot and Mouth seems to be disappearing so we are keeping our fingers crossed that things will return to normal early in 2002 as the 3month case free period will hopefully have passed and then the markets can re-open and we can sell some of these excess calves.

The trees are now nearly all bare, and as I write my final autumn nature report winter is beginning.

Next month I am hoping to alter the collecting yard to accommodate the next batch of calves and keep spreading muck along with the usual jobs.

Happy birthdays to Hannah (15 on 25/11) Lucy ( 15 on 2/12) and Dorothy (** on 6/12) .

Christmas is coming so have a happy one everybody

I'll see you next month Phil
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