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More rainIt has been another wet month with 96mm of rain falling and the cows are now in at night (since the 23rd ) and eating silage.

The field gateway's are getting muddy and they need careful udderwashing before we can milk them.

We have had 2 calves born this month 1 Simmental bull and 1 Angus heifer.

A large part of this month has been spent preparing the sheds for winter housing and working out where we can put the extra calves we still have not sold.

A dirty job, but someone has to do it.Yorkshire BoardingI spent the first week empting the slurry store only to fill it again when Edwards bobcat came to clean out all the looseboxes and before that could be spread the rain came down.This picture shows Barry in action cleaning out.

Also as we needed more space I have been finishing off the lean to by fitting the "Yorkshire Boarding" to the entrance. Boarding like this is fitted to aid ventilation.

Filling the feed hopperStraw Chopper in actionOn the 3rd Williamson's delivered the first feed to go into the feed hopper we fitted in September apart from some holes in the filler pipe all went well and the rainfall has proved that there are no leaks as the feed has stayed perfectly dry.

Due to the high price of straw this year we aim to make more use of our straw chopping machine here it is in action bedding the cubicals click on the link to learn more.

This month has seen the school half term so as we have not been anywhere this year we went along with Paul, Margot, Hannah and Becky to Norfolk for a short break. It is very interesting from a farmers view as in that part of the country there are very few cows and mostly just crops are grown.

Simon inspects his new lawn mower Phil finds a bargain in the second hand tractor yard. Paul finds a replacement Ambulance for Sandbach Ambulance Station
These pictures show we didn't just look at the farming however!

The nest box.The nature report shows the colourful leaves at this time of year plus an interesting occupant in the nestbox on the orchard!

November the fifth is approaching so thebonfire pile will finally get burnt ( PBM fencing must have been busy this year as it is bigger than ever).

Well that,s about it for now.

I'll see you next month Phil

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