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September has not been as wet as August with 75mm of rain falling mostly as showers (rather heavy ones).

As I said last month we have been busy. Richardson's did the silaging on the 7th it had rained the day before when they mowed the grass but when they came to pick-up the weather was fine.

The clamp now looks quite full as this picture shows.

On the third the milking parlour had its annual test this is to ensure all is correct for optimum operation and health of the cows. Alison (pictured here on the left) tests the system and corrects any faults, finally filling out her report we passed with few problems which were easily corrected as the tests were run.

We have had 4 calves born this month 2 black and white females, 1 Hereford female and 1Simmental female.

Next project has been plumbing again this time we have been installing a 2000litre water trough to collect the cubical shed roof water. Click on the link to see more.

Next was the corn bin I mentioned last month and we collected it from Stoke on Trent. Thanks to Mark with his wagon. Then I mixed a 2.5mx2.5mx150mm concrete base for it to stand on and then thanks to Andy Green one of our neighbours for lifting it into place with his loader.

We will be putting calf feed into it on the 2nd Jim Chadwick, our feed salesman, is rubbing his hands at the prospect of increased sales.

All these showers delayed our combining the Oats but Alan managed on the 23rd but at time of writing we have still not baled the straw due to the showers. The Oats did as well as could be expected at 3t/ha not bad considering they weren't sown until 11th of May.

I am now starting muckspreading to clear the yard out ready as the cows will be back inside (at least at night) by the time you read the next report so we need the space.

Autumn is now here and the days are shortening so click here for my first autumn nature report.

Finally remember Mick and Margaret our friends whose summer fair we featured in August report 2000 he now has his own farm site visit take a look at Remember they have just started their site but watch that space if I know Mick!!

See you next month Phil
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