APRIL 2005

Firstly I must apologise for the late reports this is partly due to having to fight off younger members of the family who are currently doing GCSE and A level examination work so by the time the computer becomes free I am too tired to write roll on mid June.

Having said that June will bring this year’s Cheshire Show and we will be there as usual with the NFU and Cheshire education "Schools Out" marquees.

It is on the 21st/22nd of June so put the date in your diary. Also if any of you would like to email me any copies of work you have produced using the site please do as we would be proud to display it.

Vet attending cowWe started the month with a difficult calving the heifer in question is the last one from my friend Paul Lewis’s farm. Paul has now retired from farming and here is Simon Jones treating her along with his would be vet son Philip the picture being taken by our Simon (work that one out!!).
She had a Limousin Bull calf and mother and son are now doing fine.

weather thumbnailfitting weather veinApril was wetter than March with 61mm of rain however as I said last month we are upgrading our weather system here are GRC aerials fitting the anemometer which gives wind speed and direction to the chimney as he said we normally fit TV aerials but the fittings were perfect for the job. We can currently show:

Wind speed and direction.
Barometric pressure.
Temperature and humidity
Weather tendency

As we develop this page we will begin to graph some of the data collected.

Cross section of tree trunkThe dipping platform is now nearly finished and the gate and fence also completed all we need to do is level the hard standing area and also you can see a large tree trunk next to the gate we are putting these in as “tables” for viewing the sample trays on. A quick count of the rings on these tree trunks puts the age of the tree at a little over 180yrs old.

Mark attacks tree for life bouySafety is of course an issue and Webby on one of his trips down by the River Dane, spotted a life-belt caught up on a fallen tree so I sent in his Brother-in-law Mark with his canoe to retrieve it.

It appears to be unused so we will put it by the pond area as an additional safety measure.

J&B our skip friends have many different things to clear up and were given three large bags of UNWORN clothes to dispose of weighing nearly half a tonne.

Clothes for Solomon IslesDorothy and Muriel have sorted them and then asked our local Vicar Gordon as it seemed such a waste he put us in touch with a colleague and they were collected for dispatch to the Solomon Isles.

Here they are being loaded into one of four estate cars.

Maize sowing is late again due to the wet.

Don't forget to view our nature page,

see you next month PHIL.



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