MAY 2006
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87, yes 87mm of rain our wettest May since we began keeping records.

The cows were out but only having the cattle drive prevented our having to re-house them.

The maize was planted right at the end of the month and the plan to sow oats on the top paddock on the key field where we had last year’s maize was abandoned.

I hope to sow grass next month as it is now drying out.

We have completed the shed roof but no further construction as the field around was just too wet.

We have had two calves this month one black and white bull and one heifer.

The heifer’s mum injuring her back during calving and the vet’s diagnosis was leave her to rest. As she had calved on the left hand meadow this meant carrying her a regular feed of corn and a drink of water as although unable to stand and walk she was shuffling around and eating grass.

Generally if a cow in this position is eating she will eventually get up. The next worry was in case the river decided to flood and we did have a couple of close shaves but after 10 days she greeted me one morning stood at the gate waiting to be let in for milking as though there was never anything wrong and is now back where she belongs and the calf has been fed on the bucket.

The 20th saw the first school outing for the trailer at Bolin primary school and it was showery making Graham and myself glad of the cover from its door.

We had no chicks to take but Mike Bailey our goose and turkey producer colleague leant us some goslings (baby geese) to display. We have invested in a small generator which powers a heat lamp and it was needed.

Here are some cute gosling pictures taken by Graham who was so busy picturing the goslings he forgot the display.

In July last year we had the three phase electrics connected this as we showed involved digging holes in the yard.

Our yard in one place is cobblestones and this month assisted by works experience people Josh and Stephen we set about replacing them as we had to wait for the ground to have settled before so there would not be a hollow left in the yard. Click here for full instructions on “cobbling” (the laying on cobblestones).

Right at the end of the month we finally were able to plant the maize, planted in a moist! seedbed it should grow quickly.

Next month the Cheshire show will be upon us first cut silage and more visits with the roadshow.

Finally you can find our regular nature page here

See you next month Phil


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