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Welcome to the Greenheyes farm journal. I hope to update the journal on a regular basis (at least monthly) to show the work done on a farm as the year and the seasons progress.

The first of these reports is given below and starts us off in the month of November 1999.



Welcome to the first ever Greenheyes Farm monthly report of life at Greenheyes Farm.

Due to the relatively mild Autumn the cows didn't come into the cubical shed at night until the 6th of the month and on the 26th in the day. When the cows come in for the Winter it tends to bring it home to me that Winter has really arrived. The days are short in terms of daylight so we start and finish our day's work in the dark.

Five cows have calved this month producing : 3 Black and White (friesian / holstein) females (heifers) 1 Black and White bull and 1 Simmental bull, Sadly the Simmental died at birth.

The B/W bull has been sent to market the heifers are now in the rearing pens and when weaned will be grouped together.

The Winter Barley is now about 6cm high and the Grass Re-seed is just poking out of the soil at 2cm, these crops can be viewed on the Drive Field and Long Field respectively. Both crops have been treated for Slugs which due to the damp conditions are rife this year. The Barley has also been sprayed to kill the grass weeds which would otherwise inhibit the crop growth.

Next Month I will be showing you the new silage handling machine we have just purchased and if you look at the machinery page you can see the machinery that we will be using the most for the coming winter months.

I'll see you next month Phil

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